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Our Team

The LiVac team is a group of highly skilled specialists all bringing to the table vital expertise, including management, commercialisation, legal and production knowledge.

Dr Philip Gan
Dr Philip Gan

Dr Phillip Gan is the inventor of the LiVac Laparoscopic Liver Retractor System and founding director of Livac Pty Ltd.

Philip Nowell

Phillip's expertise is in successful commercialisation and scaling of medical technology innovation to local and international markets.

Penelope Lane

Penelope has built an international career in Biomedical and Healthcare Innovation.

Carley Kercheval

Carley is a clinician education specialist with a passion for training surgeons in new technical applications and devices.

Chris Ozga

An enthusiast of novel medical technologies, Chris provides the cross-functional expertise in operations, market insights, business development and regulatory affairs.

Dr Paul Warden-Hutton

Paul is a registered Patent & Trade Mark Attorney with a background in Biochemistry. His work covers most technology areas including medical devices.

Richard Walmsley

Founder and CEO of Ingeneus Pty Ltd, Richard Walmsley has over 30 years experience in developing medical technology for international markets.