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Livac in The Edge, Malaysia

The Surgeon Turned Inventor – Article by Tan Zhai Yun, April 2019

Dr Philip Gan, a Malaysian-born surgeon based in Australia, is on a mission to make surgery less painful and invasive. Over the years, he has observed how certain procedures and traumatic for patients and wanted to do something to change this.

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Livac in ELLE Magazine

The Women Smashing STEM – Article by Hannah James & Kate Wills, Elle Australia, April 2019

Dr Anabela Correia, CEO Livac Pty Ltd

Dr Anablea Correia is here to remind you that if you don’t know what you want to do when you grow up (even if you’re already grown up), that’s okay. “When I started my PhD in Medicine at Monash, I had a love of the human body and human health and I wanted to improve people’s quality of life. I was also raised in business, working in my parent’s shops.”

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LiVac Retractor: Overview of an Invention

An observation in surgery of an unremarkable natural occurrence sparked an idea for a remarkable innovation in surgical technology.

Surgeon Dr Philip Gan was performing laparoscopic gastric banding surgery in 2009 when he noticed the liver adhered to the diaphragm due to the surface tension associated with the moist surface. It occurred to him that vacuum forces could mimic the surface tension effect.

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Sucking the liver out of the way with LiVac

Dr Phil Gan, a general surgeon, has invented a surgical device called the LiVac™ Retractor, that has significant advantages over traditional methods during laparoscopic surgery which require the liver to be retracted.

LiVac Retractor

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Any technological advances which reduce the amount of trauma caused by surgical procedures can enhance patient recovery and help to minimise complications. Laparoscopic, or ‘keyhole’ surgery, has allowed many procedures to be performed without the need for major incisions (laparotomy). Although this has proved a major advancement, surgeons are constantly trying to improve their techniques, such as by reducing the number and size of incisions required for a particular operation. Dr Philip Gan is a general surgeon based in Australia, who has made such an advancement through the invention of an innovative piece of technology called the LiVac™ Retractor.

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