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Advantages of LiVac

How LiVac worksThe advantages of the LiVac device.

  • LiVac is easy to use and disposable.
  • It retracts left or right liver lobes and is compatible with single or reduced-port laparoscopic surgeries.
  • The surgeon’s usual technique for the intended surgery is barely changed, yet results in reduced port surgery.
  • No surgical assistant required for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, other than a holder for the laparoscope.
  • Suction is potentially less traumatic than existing methods of retraction.
  • LiVac cannot cause compression or congestion of the liver parenchyma given that it is the only retractor which attaches from above.
  • As the liver is held up, the plane of dissection between the gallbladder and liver opens up more easily than the alternative approach where the gallbladder is pushed up toward the diaphragm, and therefore also against the liver.

Reduced port operations have been shown to reduce patient pain, enhance recovery and reduce scarring.