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Key Benefits

LiVac RetractorThe key benefits of the LiVac device.

  • The suction of the LiVac Retractor causes the liver to cohere to the diaphragm during surgery, thereby allowing access to the organs below and minimising trauma to the liver.
  • The suction tubing exits alongside existing ports, hence no additional incisions are required.
  • Liver retraction is achieved in upper gastro intestinal surgeries without additional incisions and thereby minimising trauma to the patient.
  • While the device will find broad application in multi-port laparoscopic surgeries a major benefit is that it is also especially suited to single port laparoscopic surgeries.

All other retraction methods involve pushing the under-surface of the liver upwards, towards the diaphragm and either require a separate incision or port, or are cumbersome to use.