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Interview Video: IBC World Congress, Oxford UK

The 1st International Bariatric Club (IBC) Oxford Congress was held from March 26-27 2018 at Christ Church, University of Oxford in the UK.

This forum provided detailed analysis and interrogation of key issues in the management of obesity and diabetes from a basic science, medical, endoscopic, surgical and public health perspective.

Dr. Philip Gan was interviewed at the IBC Oxford Congress and demonstrated how the LiVac Retractor® works. View the interview video below:

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Livac Pty Ltd finalist in Australian Technologies Competition

Livac Pty Ltd (Livac) has been announced as a finalist in the Australian Technologies Competition.

122 companies entered the competition. Livac is one of 16 companies announced as a finalist and one of 3 finalists in the Medtech & Pharma division.

Livac will present at the Sydney Showcase and Awards event on Thursday 16th November 2017.

Further information on the competition can be found here.

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Surgical Innovation, February 2017

Intra-abdominal Trocar-Free Vacuum Liver Retractor for Upper-Gastrointestinal Surgery

Benzing, C., Weiss, H., Krenzien, F., Biebl, M., Pratschke, J., Zorron, R. SURG INNOV (2017)

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In laparoscopic upper-gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, an adequate retraction of the liver is crucial. Especially in single-port surgery and obese patients, problems may occur during liver retraction. The current study seeks to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the LiVac trocar-free liver retractor in laparoscopic upper-GI surgery.

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