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Livac Shareholder Update

Livac signs first USA Distributor

Livac USA, Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of Livac Holding Co. Pty Ltd has appointed SurgiCore Inc as its first USA distributor. Livac Pty Ltd has been in discussions with SurgiCore after an introduction from Boehringer Laboratories.

SurgiCore is a lead distributor for the Boehringer’s VisiGi 3D device which is used in sleeve gastrectomies – one of our target markets. Importantly SurgiCore sells more VisiGi 3D devices than all other distributors in the US market, and the LiVac Retractor offers an opportunity to expand its portfolio in this market. Boehringer is also a leading manufacturer of pressure regulators, which are required when using the LiVac Retractor.

SurgiCore is located in North Carolina and will distribute the LiVac Retractor in North & South
Carolina and Virginia.

SurgiCore this morning posted this link on YouTube which is targeted at US surgeons within their territory.

To-date, SurgiCore has approached selected surgeons and hospitals and received strong interest,
including surgeons interested in clinical evaluation. Livac expects to work with SurgiCore to support
training and clinical evaluations in the coming months.

Livac is working through the logistics of its first US shipment and is finalising the associated 3PL
and insurance agreements.

We expect to ship our first devices in the coming weeks to months and look forward to working
with SurgiCore to introduce LiVac to the US market.