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Academic surgeon conducting clinical cholecystectomy cases.

In collaboration with Teleflex Australia, a senior academic surgeon has committed to conducting a series of 10 clinical cholecystectomy cases utilising the LiVac Retractor System (LRS).

The case series commenced in December 2017 and six successful cases have been completed over the past 6-8 weeks. In all cases the LiVac Retractor performed well and as expected with no adverse or device related events.

Upon successful completion of all ten cases, the surgeon has committed to an ongoing relationship with Livac and early discussions have commenced regarding a potential clinical study.

This is significant progress towards Livac working collaboratively with Teleflex towards establishing relationships with local surgeons and in building surgeon confidence in the clinical utility of the LRS.

Teleflex introduced the LiVac Retractor to another Australian surgeon in February 2018, who used the LiVac Retractor during a right partial nephrectomy. The surgeon commented on “improved visibility” and “would use it again”. This case was possibly the first time LiVac has been used to retract the liver for kidney surgery.


Suction Retractor

The Livac patent entitled “suction retractor” and which describes the LiVac Retractor System completed National Phase examination in Europe and was Allowed in January 2018.

Livac will now be required to confirm which EU countries it would like to “validate” its patent. “Validation” is the next step in the EU patenting process involving validating the EU Patent Office grant of the patent in each country of interest.

The suction retractor Patent has already been granted in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, China and Japan.

Surgical Connector

The Livac patent entitled “surgical connector” which describes the novel connector used to protect LiVac tubing from compression during clinical use.

  • progressed to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in November 2017, and
  • was filed in the US on 29 December 2017

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