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Our vision is to minimise the invasiveness of surgery requiring liver retraction, and to contribute meaningfully to technical innovations in this field.

Laparoscopy has truly revolutionised surgery.

Patients are the beneficiaries of reduced pain, expedited recovery and being spared the much greater scarring of a laparotomy – a life-long reminder of that experience.

It has also stimulated surgeons and industry to extend the range of operations that can be done laparoscopically, and beyond that, to refine laparoscopic operations to be even more minimally invasive. Fewer (“reduced port”) and smaller incisions, single incision laparoscopic surgery, NOTES, mini-laparoscopic instruments – these are all worthy approaches with the same goal of benefiting patient outcomes.

The liver is a large organ, which has typically required a dedicated incision for a limited variety of hand-held or bolted on retractors. Options for those surgeons seeking to avoid this extra incision have been limited to a few totally internal retractors, which the liver has a tendency to “drape” over. Suturing the liver to the abdominal wall is traumatic, and not adjustable.

LiVac is a simple solution.

The LiVac Retractor is unique in being the only liver retractor that attaches to the superior surface of the liver, and therefore cannot cause any compression or congestion. It is out of the field of surgery and does not require a separate incision. It is disposable, hence always available.